Web Hosting

Whether you want a small site or a large site, the ExcessNETwork has the ability to provide you with cheap and cost effective web hosting. If you require a large amount of web space capable of storing large files we can accomodate your requirements.

Depending on what you are looking to achieve, we can also work with you to provide Photo Galleries, Bulletin Boards, eCommerce and accounting applications, which can either be hosted at your place of business or at a Co-Located facility. Hosting applications on site is an ideal way to assist employees with mobility whilst keeping costs down, whereas a co-located solution can provide your customers and clients with instant access to your products.

Also available with a Server Solution, you can host your website on your own equipment in your own premises.

Examples of ExcessNET web hosting:

Ace Automotive Detailing

Dimples Photography

Dimples Sculptures

Feet, Tips and Glides

Stels Photography

Whitsundays Picture Framing

Photos of Canberra's Bushfires

File Hosting

"Cloud" Hosting is a great buzz word amongst hosting companies these days. Essentially it is a simple way of offloading your data storage requirements for someone else to manage, but there are always levels of risk or cost involved.
Not knowing where your data is, or who might be mining your data for marketing information is a valid concern for businesses these days, and as such not all cloud providers might be suitable for all types of data. This does not however, mean that you can't have access to your data out of the office.

Depending on your requirements, ExcessNET Services can assist you with providing access to your important information at home as well as out and about, from laptops, desktops, smart phones and internet kiosks.

To discuss requirements and pricing, please Contact us.

DNS Hosting

ExcessNET is able to provide DNS Server Services to those who dont have or dont wish to run their own DNS Servers. Our DNS services includes provision of domain name resolution for webservers, mail exchange (MX) resolution for email servers, common name resolution (CNAME) and subdomain nameserver redirection (NS). If you have a domain name that needs looking after then ExcessNET has the expertise to maintain your domain.

Email Hosting

You can easily have email for your domain hosted by ExcessNET Services. We can either redirect your specified email addresses to an ISP's mailbox, or we can host mailboxes as well - including both webmail access and with your favourite email client.

ExcessNET Services can also route mail for your domain, and can assist with configuring anti-spam measures which blocks the majority of spam before it even reaches your mail server, thereby saving space and processing power of your mail servers and internet connection, not to mention the inconvenience for you and your users.

ExcessNET Services is also using MX Guarddog to reduce the amount of SPAM messages received by our mail servers. If you would like to know more about how to block spam emails, see the link or contact us.