Network/Server Solutions

ExcessNET can provide your home or office with the Network Services you've always wanted but couldn't afford. If you've got two computers or two hundred, ExcessNET can provide you with comprehensive service, Servers, routers and firewalls. Opening that second office? ExcessNET can deploy a secure VPN solution giving you protected communications at an amazingly low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Value for Money

ExcessNET Services is committed to finding the best solution for your business. By not automatically taking the newest and most expensive equipment on the market, ExcessNET Services reduces your up front costs while allowing for your business to grow and expand. To increase performance and reduce costs even more ExcessNET also specialises in both Windows and Linux/UNIX Servers and firewalls.

Depending on your requirements, ExcessNET Services promotes the use of Alternative systems and Free Open Source Software (FOSS). You can easily avoid paying thousands for server licences PLUS licence fees per client connecting to the server, most Linux/UNIX solutions costs only the labour it takes to setup and the cost of the hardware it runs on (which you would have to pay for with a Windows Server anyway!) Surveys and statistics have shown that over 50% of the worlds servers run on UNIX and Linux, and that value is even higher for internet servers. In-depth knowledge of systems is not necessarily required, simplified management tools are available for user and system management, or you can opt for a fully managed server on your premises, or in your chosen datacentre hosting facility.


No need to spend thousands of dollars on Printers, ExcessNET can setup your network with printer sharing so you no longer need a printer attached to each computer! Using the right printer for the job also saves time and once again, money!

Data Hosting

Depending on your budget, you can run your hosting services in-house (ie. at your premises), or you can have your services hosted by ExcessNET Services or by a third party provider. By having ExcessNET install an in-house Internet Server - email, ftp, webservers and much more can be hosted on your own premises where you can readily control security, backup facilities, and avoid potentially hefty co-location costs.

Assistance can also be provided with using MXGuarddog as a spam blocker.

Maintenance Agreements

With SLA's (Service Level Agreements), ExcessNET can also provide you with prompt and professional repairs to all your equipment. Ongoing maintenance, backups, security and patch management are among just some of the services we can provide. With tailor made packages you get the services you want and need, at a better price because you're not paying for services you don't need.